Magisk Manager APK & ZIP v26.1 (Latest)

Magisk Manager APP (APK & ZIP) is the best systemless application for rooting Android devices. It is the best alternative application to another app on the market. This app is only for super Android users who are experienced in Android OS.

In this post, you will find the direct link to download Magisk Manager App (all versions) on your device. We shared the latest and the previous version of Magisk APK.

Magisk Manager

Download Latest Magisk APP (APK and ZIP)

Magisk APP helps you root your devices without modifying system files. Click on the download button to get it.

Magisk_Manager_v26.1: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP – Latest

Magisk_Manager_v26.0: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Magisk_Manager_v25.2: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Magisk_Manager_v25.1: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Magisk_Manager_v25.0: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Magisk_Manager_v24.3: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Magisk_Manager_v24.0: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Magisk_Manager_v23.0: | Magisk APK | Magisk ZIP

Why Need Magisk Manager

[*] Best Rooting App: Magisk Manager is the best app for Rooting Android Smartphones and Tablets.

[*] Support Latest OS: Latest Android OS doesn’t matter. You can easily root your device using this App.

[*] Hide App: You can hide the Magisk app from your device.

How To Install Magisk Manager?

  1. Download Magisk APP on your device.
  2. Copy the app on an external SD card.
  3. Unlock your device bootloader, then flash a custom recovery file.
  4. Go to recovery mode, then click on “install.” Then locate the Magisk Zip file.
  5. After installing the Magisk Zip file, then reboot your device.
  6. Congratulations! rooting process using this App is done.
  7. Now, check the Root status using a Root Checker app.

Readme Once

[*] Take a Backup: Your data may erase after flashing the custom recovery file. So we recommend taking a complete backup of your data from the device.

[*] Caution: Flashing the wrong custom recovery file may damage your device. So we recommend starting the Rooting process at your own risk.

[*] Credit: Magisk Manager APK is created and distributed by topjohnwu. So, full credit goes to him for sharing it.

[*] Custom TWRP Recovery File: If you are looking for a customized TWRP recovery file for installing the Magisk Manager App, click here to get Custom TWRP Recovery File.

[*] Root Checker App: If you are looking for a Root Checker App, click here to get Root Checker App.

[*] More APK Files: We have shared some APK files on the current page. i.e., G-CAM and Google Account Manager.