SamFw FRP Tool v3.31 (all version)

SamFw FRP Tool is the only all-in-one Samsung tool for removing the Samsung FRP lock. The Tool also helps you flash Samsung stock ROM, disable Knox, and change CSC.

In this post, you will find the direct link to download the SamFw FRP Tool (all versions) on your device. To get it, scroll down.

SamFw FRP Tool

Feature Of SamFw FRP Tool

[*] Best FRP Bypass Tool: Comparatively, it is the best free FRP Bypass Tool.

[*] Support Android Version: Android OS 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

[*] Best stock ROM Flash Tool: You can quickly flash Samsung stock ROM using this Tool.

[*] CSC Change: The SamFw Tool allows you to change your device’s CSC version.

[*] Factory Reset: If you can’t factory reset your device in Recovery mode, then the Tool helps you reset your device in MTP mode.

Download SamFw FRP Tool

The tool allows you to remove the factory reset protection lock on your Samsung Smartphones and Tablets powered by Android OS (8.1-12).

v1.0: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.0: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.1: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.2: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.3: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.4: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.5: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.6: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.7: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v2.8: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v3.0: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v3.1: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v3.2: | AFH | Mega | G-Drive

v3.31: | Media Fire | Mega | G-Drive – Latest

Readme Once

[*] Use Latest Version: We recommend using the latest version of this Tool.

[*] Credit: Full credit goes to Because they created and distributed this Tool for free.

[*] Not Working?: If you can’t remove FRP lock using this tool, then go to FRP Bypass APK Page for bypassing FRP lock.

[*] How-To Use: If you are looking for the full tutorial for removing the FRP lock, Click Here.

[*] USB Driver: If you are looking for the latest version of the Samsung USB Driver, then click here to get the latest Samsung USB Driver.

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