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Smile Dump File

In this post, you will find the direct link to download Smile Dump File ROM (Boot Repair File) on your computer. We have shared the dump, including Repair Tools, USB drivers, and How to Repair Manuals.

Smile Dump File helps you to re-program or repair your device’s eMMC chip. Another technician and I test this Smile Dump File.

Smile Dump File

Download Smile Dump File

On this website, we also added all models of Smile boot repair files. Below this post, you will find the all model list of the dump files.

Smile N3

File Size: 428 MB
Country: Bangladesh
Get the Dump File

Smile Q8

File Size: 190 MB
Country: Bangladesh
Get the Dump File

How to install Smile Dump File?

  1. Download Dump File on your computer.
  2. Extract/unzip the dump file (boot-repair file).
  3. Open Easy Jtag Plus or UFI or other repair tools.
  4. Now, connect the eMMC or UFS chip.
  5. Once, connect your chip, then click on Identify/Check eMMC.
  6. Locate the eMMC or UFS dump file.
  7. Now, click on the Start button.
  8. Click to See Full-Guidelines for the full tutorial.

Readme once

[*] Recommend: Always recommend taking a complete backup of your eMMC/UFS chip. You must need to backup your data, NVRAM item from the old chip. It helps you repair any network issue.

[*] About Dump File: The dump file we share on the page is 100% ok. All about the resource on the page is free.

[*] USB Driver: If you are looking for a USB Driver, click here to download MTK USB Driver, SPD USB Driver, and Qualcomm USB Driver.

[*] Several Repair Tool: Several repair tools are available on the page, including Easy Jtag Plus, UFI, and MRT AE Tool.

[*] Related Dump File: There are several related Dump Files available, including Symphony Dump File, Samsung Dump File, and Xiaomi Dump File.

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