Walton Dump File (eMMC Dump) helps you to repair dead boot issues on your Walton mobile devices. The dump file also helps you to re-partition your device’s eMMC chip.

You will find the direct link to get Walton Dump File on the current page. We have shared it as a zip package including the eMMC repairing tool and tutorial.

Walton Dump File

Download Walton eMMC Dump File

Devices Model Link
Walton E9 Download
Walton EF5 Download
Walton EF8 4G Download
Walton G8i Download
Walton GH7 Download
Walton GH7i Download
Walton GM2 Download
Walton GM3 Plus Download
Walton H7 Download
Walton H8 Download
Walton HM Mini Download
Walton HM4i Download
Walton N2 Download
Walton NF4 Download
Walton NF4 Turbo Download
Walton NH Lite Download
Walton NH2 Download
Walton NH3i Download

How to install Walton Dump File?

  1. Download the Dump File on your computer.
  2. Extract/unzip the dump file (boot-repair file).
  3. Open Easy Jtag Plus or UFI or other repair tools.
  4. Now, connect the eMMC or UFS chip.
  5. Once connect your chip, then click on Identify/Check eMMC.
  6. Locate the eMMC or UFS dump file.
  7. Now, click on the Start button.

Readme once

[*] Recommend: Always recommend taking a complete backup of your eMMC/UFS chip. You must need to backup your data and NVRAM items from the old chip. It helps you repair any network issue.

[*] Scan: Firstly, we have scanned the dump file using the Kaspersky Antivirus before sharing it on gsmoggicial.com.

[*] Credit: We have managed to share this dump file for free. So, full credits go to us.

[*] About Dump File: The dump file we share on the page is 100% ok. All of the resources on the page are free.

[*] eMMC Repair Tool: We have shared some eMMC repair tools on the current page. i.e., Easy Jtag Plus, and UFI.

[*] More Dump File: We have shared some dump files for repairing your device. i.e., Symphony Dump File, Samsung Dump File, and Oppo Dump File.