Transsion IMEI Tool is a small application that helps you to restore IMEI, MAC, SN, and BT addresses on your Mediatek (MTK) chipset-powered devices.

In this post, you will find the two mirror link to download Transsion IMEI Tool for Windows computers. We have shared it as a zip package, including the MTK USB Driver and Tutorial.

Caution: Change IMEI is illegal. Never recommend writing IMEI than the original or changing the IMEI number.

Transsion IMEI Tool

Download Transsion IMEI Tool For Windows

The IMEI Tool allows you to write IMEI on your Mediatek-powered Smartphone, FeaturePhone, and Tablets. It also helps you to write the Mac Address, Bluetooth Address, and WiFi Address on the devices powered by the MTK chipset.

Tool Name:
Author: Transsion

v1.5.7 (Latest) AFH G-Drive
v1.5.1 AFH G-Drive
v1.4.0 G-Drive

How To Restore IMEI Using Transsion IMEI Tool?

  1. Download and Extract IMEI Tool.
  2. Download and install the MTK USB driver on your computer.
  3. Click on AfterSalesFull.exe to launch the tool.
  4. Click on the ComPort and select USB VCOM.
  5. Now, click on Target Type, then choose Smart Phone.
  6. Then click on System Config.
  7. Select IMEI, BT Address, and WiFi Address in Write Option.
  8. Now, Select MD1_DB and AP_DB files. Then click to Save.
  9. Now, click on Start and input IMEI. Then Connect your device.

Readme once

Caution: Writing IMEI than the original is illegal and may cause serious trouble. doesn’t force or recommend you to change the device IMEI other than the original.

Recommend: Always, we recommend using the latest version of the Transsion Tool for a better experience.

Credits: Transsion IMEI Tool is created and distributed by Transsion. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the application for free.

USB Driver: We have shared some USB Drivers for connecting your device to the computer. i.e., MediaTek USB Driver.

Alternative Tool: We have shared some alternative tools for repairing IMEI, SN, and BT Addresses. i.e., SN Writer Tool and MauiMeta Tool.